Would having a little peace in your life be helpful? Are you looking for ways to find peace of mind because of the chaos of … 3 Ways to Find Peace When Times are Troubled Read More

Would having a little peace in your life be helpful?

Are you looking for ways to find peace of mind because of the chaos of substance use?

As a parent of a child now in recovery, I remember the days when watching my child self-destruct was more than I could bear. Along with the stigma and shame came feelings of guilt and failure.

How could we be in a place where my child needed drugs to get through the day?

I needed to find ways to take care of myself and lessen my stress.

As a parent of a struggling child, could I come to a place of feeling more balanced and calm? I knew it would help me make better decisions, and I would feel better, yet how to work through the constant worry felt daunting.

I decided to find new ways to help myself live a more peaceful life.

Know there will be uncertainty

When substance use is a family problem, there is always a level of uncertainty. You never know what the next day will bring. My choice was to either let it overwhelm me or be proactive and do something to help myself.

And I was being told by the experts to work on myself, yet how could I do that when I was worried 24/7? And yet, I knew continuing on the path I was on wasn’t healthy either.

My instincts told me that the better shape I was in, the better off my struggling child would be. I needed to pull myself together so that I could have some positive influence for myself and my family.

A yoga practice helped me concentrate on the poses and gave my mind a break. I was encouraged to meditate for a few minutes a day. I could feel the shift as I put both of these practices into my routine.

My mind and body felt more relaxed and peaceful. Neither practice is perfect, but yoga and meditation help me feel more peaceful and calm.
Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott
Look to nature to find peace.

One of the things that I kept reading about was spending time in nature and how it can help you feel more balanced and lift your mood. I’ve always liked being outdoors, and I live in a climate where it is easy to do that most of the year.

According to a study from the University of Michigan, group nature walks are linked to enhanced mental health and positivity and significantly lower depression and feelings of stress.

I love the mountains and the ocean. Walking on the beach or a hike in the hills surrounding my house feels good. I found a trail barely a mile from my home that put me in nature within a few minutes, and it helps me feel as if I’m miles away.

There is beauty all around me, yet I was missing it with my worry and concern.
Mental health is sooo important. If you need a day, take a day. Find something to relax you. Bubble bath, nature, writing, painting, etc. Just do it. ~ Adam Danyal
A change of scene can help. 

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I thought going further away for a day or two would help. Just a change of scene might make a difference. Yet, there was also the feeling I couldn’t go anywhere when my child was having such a hard time.

Going on even a short trip is not always in the cards, but when I can make it happen, it helps me feel better. And I came to realize that when I feel better, I do better.

Since traveling is becoming a little easier to do, even a day trip or a night or two away can bring some positivity. Recently I took a trip to southern California, close to where I grew up. To stay somewhere new for the week felt great. It gave my mind a break from the worry. Seeing old friends and doing something different felt good.

Now that the world is opening up, I want to do more traveling, even if it is a short trip. It helps me have a positive frame of mind.

Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace. ~ Kimberly Jones

Our instincts can lead us to peace.

We hear much advice when our kids are struggling. Some of the advice is helpful, some not so much. I realized as time went on that listening to my instincts would give me clarity about what I needed to do to help the healing process.

I knew I had spent too much of my life avoiding my intuition, thinking others had better ideas than I had. 

And yet, for my family’s well-being, I realized that taking in suggestions from others could sometimes help, but in the end, I knew my situation best.

That felt empowering and gave me the strength to know that I could filter through the advice from others and find what would work best for me. That gave me greater inner peace.

I have put time and effort into having a more peaceful life because I knew my life would be never-ending worry and stress without it.

I have learned that having inner peace is possible even when times are troubled.
When your bones are tired of carrying everyone else’s problems, and when your lungs are tired of breathing life into other people, return back home to yourself for a while. Shift your energy back inwards. Reunite with peace again. ~ Billy Chapata

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